Simonside - Sacred Mountain
Art Meets Archaeology
at Crown Studio Gallery, Rothbury

The Simonside Hills hold a special place in the hearts and minds of the people who live in their shadow. That characteristic profile is almost iconic, dominating the landscape of Coquetdale and acting as a distinctive landmark for miles around.

It's not difficult to imagine that it must always have been an important place for local inhabitants. In his recent book, "In the Valley of The Sacred Mountain", archaeologist Paul Frodsham speculates on what it may have been like to have lived here in the very distant past. Based on contemporary reassessment of evidence accumulated during his excavations, he argues that Simonside may well have been of immense cultural significance to local communities- perhaps functioning as a sacred mountain throughout prehistoric times. This radical new theory is exciting the interest of local historians and academics alike.

The "Simonside, Sacred Mountain"exhibition at Crown Studio Gallery in Bridge Street Rothbury was inspired by the publication of this book and was a unique collaboration between, Painter Lynda Taylor, Potter Graham Taylor and Archaeologist Paul Frodsham. This Exhibition featured paintings of Simonside by professional Rothbury artist, Lynda Taylor; contemporary ceramics and accurate reconstructions of locally excavated ceramic vessels by Graham Taylor.  The exhibition ran from Saturday 31st March to 13th May 2007.

Says Lynda, "Creating this collection of paintings has been the perfect excuse to put on my hiking boots and get out and visit some places I haven't seen for years. 
Coquet Valley from Simonside panorama
Billsmoor After the Storm
Cheviot View with Rocks
Windswept Hilside
Winter Fields Caistron
Billsmoor after the Storm
Cheviot View with Rocks
Forest Walk
Forest Walk
Landscape Ancient
and Modern