The latest exhibition at Crown Studio Gallery, Rothbury, Northumberland, is "Seeing the Wood and the Trees" featuring paintings by Lynda Taylor, Jewellery by Caroline Temple and Sculpture by Ruth Chalmers. 
We are pleased to announce that our next exhibition, "Seeing the Wood and the Trees", has trees as its theme.  It features a series of Lynda's newest paintings- from shimmering spring birches to snowy winter hawthorns. 

"I invariably include trees in my paintings- they are after all an essential element of the local landscape.  For the Artist they also serve as a very useful compositional device, because they often divide a scene and help to imply a sense of scale and perspective.

However, in this cycle of paintings, I've given them "centre stage"- made the trees themselves the main subject, rather than view them as just one element of "the bigger picture". Why do this?  Simply because I love looking at and painting trees!  I enjoy them in every season: in winter their skeletal form and rhythmic structure:  in spring the translucent new leaves: in summer the wind tossed canopy: in autumn the vibrant new colours and jewel bright berries.

I've tried to capture the various qualities that have interested me in individual trees- sometimes it might be the texture of fine leaves catching the sunlight against the dark undergrowth or on other occasions, the unexpected colour and texture of bark. 

Rather than work on stretched canvas, most of these works are on canvas board, which have then been framed.  Plus I've also done a number of small pieces as part of my characteristic range of small framed works. So we have ready to hang original paintings ranging from £49 upwards".

To compliment these, we will also be showing some exciting new jewellery by two young jewellers, Caroline Temple and Ruth Chalmers who create fabulously quirky silver birds.  After all, everyone knows that wherever there are trees, there will also be beautiful birds! 

As ever, we also have an eclectic mix of cards, prints, photographs, glass and jewellery by other makers. 

We hope to see you at the gallery,

Best wishes,
Lynda & Graham